Catenians and Covid-19

With regard to Catenian gatherings generally our overriding consideration is the health and well-being of Catenians, their partners and families, and, as Catenians our responsibility is to act calmly, and consistent with government and health authority advice.

The ANC urges Circles to remain abreast of the guidance being offered by the Federal and State governments and medical authorities and to conduct their activities accordingly.

With faith based friendship being the core of our Catenian ethos, the ANC reminds all Brothers to both pray for and keep in touch with their fellow Brothers especially those who may be confined to their homes during this time.

Circle Councils may wish to consider alternative gathering arrangements to maintain contact.

Circle Secretaries may wish to remind Brothers that they can readily access contact details for any Brother they may wish to make contact with from the Catenian Portal .

Useful links:

Federal Department of Health
NSW Health
QLD Health
WA Health
VIC Health

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