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September 2021


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A successful 2021 Australian National [virtual] Conference
- a report by Manly Secretary Terry Hayes, reprinted from the Manly Newsletter
 It's not too late to vote to remove 'Practising Catholic' from the membership rules?
At the Australian National Conference held on August 21, 2021, a Motion pursuant to Rule 26(b) was proposed, seconded, debated, and passed by a substantial majority. However, while the motion passed at the conference, it must receive 200 votes to progress to an international vote of all Catenians worldwide and progress to change the rule.
 New Student Travel Prize for ACU National School of Arts
The Australian National Council of the Catenian Association and the Australian Catholic University have announced the establishing of a new Travel Prize to be awarded within the University's National School of Arts. To be known as The Catenian Association Arts Travel Prize, the award will be made annually
 Augustinian paths to justice, a talk by Fr Tony Banks OSA
tony 100Fr Tony is the Assistant General of the Augustinian Order based in Rome and a member of the Order's International Commission on Justice and Peace. He is also in charge of the Augustinians' UN program. He said the UN estimates there are about 120 million refugees in the world.
Come and be somewhere where everyone knows your name.
Missing the banter during drinks at your Local or Club? Today we’re blessed with another virtual environment that we’ve adapted to maintain and extend our Circle’s wall of friendships. While we’re waiting for the Occidental to reopen we’re getting together for pre-anything drinks  at our virtual Local, The Catenian Zoom Bar.
 A prayer by Marius
black mary 100A prayer offered by Br. Marius Twomey, Chiswick, Osterley & District, Bandra Bros, who joins many circles' Zoom meetings, offers this prayer 
 Emergency "contact numbers" in the Bible!
In these COVID times, and in general anytime really, these emergency "contact numbers" in the Bible might provide some comfort:
 A CATSCAN of Mark Freeman
In a continuing series by Cairns Vice-President Simon Coolican, we get to know Cairns brother Mark Freeman
 Hawaiian Turkey Kebabs…
kebabs 100A recipe for a lean and healthy option that's perfect for when you fancy getting the grill out. Soaking in a pineapple juice marinade ensures delicious caramelised, tender turkey meat with pineapple chunks and red onion petals bringing some extra freshness. Serve with chopped parsley for another pop of colour.
letters 100In this new section we offer an opportunity to express views, share opinons, have discussions, about anything of interest to Catenians 
 News from around the circles
snake100News and stories gathered from circle newsletters
 Prayers for ...
hands 100Please keep in your prayers your brother Catenians and their families.
pat 100Brother Patrick Quinn, Brothers of Pittwater Circle, were saddened to hear of the passing of their longtime colleague, Patrick Quinn on August 6th 2021.

 Rest in peace
Our recently deceased brothers, Albert Pinelli and Rob Butler.
 A bit of fun
A look at the lighter side of life.


A successful 2021 Australian National [virtual] Conference

- a report by Manly Secretary Terry Hayes, reprinted from the Manly Newsletter

The 2021 ANC Conference was held via Zoom on Saturday, 21 August 2021. The conference was highly successful with around 110 Brothers at times logging on, including several from the UK. It was a long day and a wealth of material was covered.


  • 10am – Conference opening – prayers; In memorium; Introduction of ANC members; adoption of Standing Orders; election of Standing Order Committee for next Conference – John Secker (ANC Secretary), Ralph Fitzpatrick (ANC President).
  • 10:30am – ANC President's address – Ralph Fitzpatrick.
  • 11:10am – Reports from: Australian Provinces/Areas; Central Council; Other National Councils; Catenian entities (Benevolent Fund, Bursary Fund, Catena).
  • 11:45am – Interactive Workshop – Revitalising Catenians in Australia – Melissa McCarney.
  • 2pm – 10-minute talks by Australian Catenians for Catenians.
  • 3pm – Q&A session - Moderator: Melissa McCarney, with panellists Graham Short, ANC, Harry Muller, P20, Martin Stebbings, P21 and Michael Lindstrom VAC.
  • 4:15pm – Motions.

IMG 8698a 300 ralphANC President Ralph Fitzpatrick (left) opened the Conference and welcomed all Brothers attending.

Ralph said The Catenians would concentrate on the Circle level over the next couple of years. It would examine things such as membership breakup (eg age etc), co-operative activities between Circles (this can help share resources, workload, etc).

melissa 500Watch Melissa's workshop on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE_EMvmU81M&list=PLk_KYJAw7EofjzW-m__1_mHuAvDNm0PaM&index=7A highlight was the presentation by Melissa McCarney (right), daughter-in-law of Manly's John McCarney. She spoke about how The Catenians in Australia could reinvigorate itself, and how it could remain relevant and attract new members. She also chaired the Interactive Workshop – Revitalising Catenians in Australia. This and other aspects of the Conference will soon be available to view online.

Melissa said The Catenians needed to be "super clear" on the "Why" – what they stand for ie the reason the organisation exists. She observed that she had trouble finding the "Why" on The Catenian website. Below is a summary of what she covered in the session.

John Secker, ANC Secretary, was at the "control panel" of proceedings, pushing all manner of buttons generally in the right sequence! He was very ably assisted by Paul Pearson and Harry Muller (Province 20).

A number of motions were voted on at the conference using the Zoom voting technology. It was very effective.

The motions that were voted on at the Conference were:

  • Rule 26(b):
    • Remove "practicing" from and add "laywomen" to membership criteria. This motion was split into 2 – the "practicing" issue (passed with 83% in favour) and the "laywomen" issue (defeated with 73% against).
    • Introduction of a procedure for changing the membership criteria for Circles associated with a National Council. This motion was lost with 49% voting against.
  • From Australian Brothers seeking support for the ANC to consider:
    • Establishing a structured framework to promote Catholic Faith in Australia. This was lost with 54% voting against.
    • Establishing a monthly Australian on-line Catenian Magazine. This was carried.
    • Encouraging 2-year terms for Australian Circle officers. This was carried.
    • Publishing guidance re appointment of non-Catenians to Circle committees. This was carried.
    • Instigating a process to better align Circle meeting procedures with contemporary Australian cultural and social norms. This was carried.
    • Publishing its minutes on the Australian Catenian website. This was carried.

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It's not too late to vote to remove 'Practising Catholic' from the membership rules?

At the Australian National Conference held on August 21, 2021, the below Motion pursuant to Rule 26(b) was proposed, seconded, debated, and passed by a substantial majority.

However, while the motion passed at the conference, it must receive 200 votes to progress to an international vote of all Catenians worldwide and progress to change the rule.

If you were not at the conference and you wish to add your support to the Motion you can inform Bro. George Little (the proposer) and ANC Secretary John Secker by email to votes.practising@thecatenians.org.au as follows:

  1. Your name;
  2. The Catenian Circle or Group in which you are enrolled; and the following words 
  3. "I support the proposal that the Association's Constitution be amended by deleting the word "practising" from Article 2.2 (i) of the Constitution".

Details of the motion and the process

That the Association's Constitution be amended as follows:

Article 2.2 (i) of the Constitution is amended by deleting the word "practising".

Article 2.2 A member of the Association must:

i) Be a practising Catholic; and
ii) Satisfy the eligibility requirements in the Rules and Regulations

Rule 26(b) (text below for convenience) incorporates the requirement that "… in total 200 shall, decide whether any proposal is approved…". 

In 2020 the Central Council of the Association determined (pursuant to Article 9 of the Constitution) that the "200" requirement is fulfilled when the aggregate of the approving votes at the conference and those who subsequently advise that they approve the proposal exceeds 200. Central Council also determined that Rule 26(b) is to be interpreted by allowing the Proposer of the motion (in this case Bro. George Little) to seek to garner the necessary additional votes from Brothers anywhere in the Association who did not attend the conference. 

The Rule further provides:

  • that there be a three-month period after the conference for this process to occur – i.e., until November 21, 2021;
  • that once the 200 threshold is passed, I am to advise the Association Secretary within seven days that the threshold has been passed so that he may initiate the process for a vote by the whole Association on the Motion.

Under the current procedures on Rule 26(b) there is no opportunity to oppose the continued process for the consideration of the Motion, that only becomes available when and if the Motion is submitted by the Association Secretary to a vote of the whole Association.

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New Student Travel Prize for ACU National School of Arts

IMG 8710a 200 georgeThe Australian National Council of the Catenian Association and the Australian Catholic University have announced the establishing of a new Travel Prize to be awarded within the University's National School of Arts.

To be known as The Catenian Association Arts Travel Prize, the award will be made annually to a high-achieving student enrolled in a degree offered by the National School of Arts. The recipient must be eligible to enrol in the core curriculum unit Justice and Change in a Global World offered in the International Core Program in Rome or another international core program location.

To ensure the Prize may be awarded on an annual basis, ACU has developed contingency plans that address the prospect of ongoing international travel restrictions. Specifically, ACU has prepared options that allow Prize recipients to participate in programs that offer comparable learning outcomes in New Zealand and Australia while travel to other locations is not possible.

Regardless of location, the focus remains on learning outcomes focused on Catholic social teaching. Each program includes an immersive experience and offers potential for personal and spiritual growth. In each program location, students participate in community engagement programs through ACU's partnerships with local mission-aligned organisations and Catholic agencies.

Speaking from Melbourne, George Kazs, who recently retired as Australian National President of the Catenian Association, said that establishing the prize acknowledged and reciprocated ACU's ongoing and generous support of the Association's mission in Australia.

"The core curriculum unit Justice and Change in a Global World offered in the International Core Program, with its potential for personal and spiritual growth and its support of learning outcomes focused on Catholic social teaching, aligns closely with our Catenian mission.

By supporting students participating in this Program we not only progress an Association Aim, advancing the interests of young Catholics, but also support ACU's mission", he said.

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Augustinian paths to justice, a talk by Fr Tony Banks OSA

A talk given at Manly Circles' August Zoom meeting.

Fr Tony is the Assistant General of the Augustinian Order based in Rome and a member of the Order's International Commission on Justice and Peace. He is also in charge of the Augustinians' UN program. He said the UN estimates there are about 120 million refugees in the world.

Before he began his talk via oom from St Kierans Paeish in Manly Vale, Fr Tony advised that he had (finally) just been advised by the Australian Government that he could leave Australia (and go back to Rome) in September 2021. He was looking forward to that. [He flew back to Rome on Sat 4 Sept.]

Below is a very brief summary of some of the points Fr Tony made. He outlined some of the projects around the world the Augustinians had undertaken.

The following slide presented by Fr Tony outlines the Augustinian basis for the Order's Justice and Peace International Commission (JPIC).


He said the Augustinians' Social Justice program has several sources of inspiration:

* Social Justice writing – eg Pope Francis' Laudato si' (Praise be to you) encyclical, his second encyclical released in 2015;

* Scripture;

* St Augustine's teaching;

* Augustinian documents – Constitution; Ratio.

Fr Tony said there were 2 key areas the Augustinians would look at over the next 6 months:

The Laudato si' encyclical – Care for our common home (earth); and

The issue of migrants and refugees.

Fr Tony said the first project given to the Augustinians was to set up a school in Kinshasa in Congo.

They taught the locals how to build and slowly developed an adult workforce. Women came in to learn sewing and cooking (the Augustinians realized they would have to feed the children at school). The school was expected to have 80 students but after 4 years, there were 1,600 students. About one-quarter of them are on scholarships.

Another project was in Annaba (Hippo is the ancient name of the city), Algeria. It is a seaport city and the 3rd largest city in Algeria. At one time, St Augustine presided as Bishop of Hippo. The project involves dealing with sub-Saharan youth trying to get to Europe. Italian Caritas started the project. Fr Tony said St Augustine is a hero in Annaba, so this helps the Augustinians' work in Annaba.

Another project is in Dungu, Congo and involves a school for ex child soldiers. It looks at formation and rehabilitation as a communal process.

3 nigeriaFr Tony said another project is the Peace Model Academy in Jos in central Nigeria (left). Jos is a city of almost 1 million people. This is a combined Catholic/Muslim project, and Fr Tony said they exist well together. He said the school now has about 400 students with 360-370 being Muslim and about 30-40 are Catholic.

Another Augustinian project relates to Kinatarcan Island in the northern part of Cebu in the Philippines. The population is about 30,000 and it is about 25 kms off the west coast of Cebu. The Island was devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. The Augustinians have been helping the islanders develop crops to sell for profit. A housing project is also part of the project. The whole project is ongoing.

Finally, Fr Tony spoke about the Rainbow Warrior centre project in Redfern in Sydney. This project involves the Augustinian Volunteers Australia, operating under the guidance of The Augustinians, to assist Aboriginal communities in the recovery of language. This has enabled Augustinian Volunteers to work with the community of Redfern (and to a lesser extent Western Sydney) in learning and teaching the language here before colonisation.

Fr Tony said the Augustinians had put $100,000 per year into the project. He said that as part of the project, the Augustinians gave several of the Aboriginal children mobile phones and they were asked to, within 3 months, be able to text their friends. This prompted learning and use of the Aboriginal language. It has also resulted in jobs with several of the children becoming tourist guides in Sydney.

Other projects the Augustinians are involved in include:

A project near El Paso in Texas, USA.
A project in Venezuela involving putting in wells and sewerage in schools, and also solar panels.

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Come and be somewhere where everyone knows your name

Missing the banter during drinks at your Local or Club? 

In City of Sydney Circle we certainly started to miss it when getting together for pre-meeting drinks at the Occidental – refreshments, please, if it's a ladies' night – became just a fond memory!  It's part of the cement, with faith, that holds our Catenian wall of interdependent friendships together.

Unlike the Occidental, our Catenian wall of friendships isn't bricks and mortar.  It's the shared experiences of giving and receiving stretching back, for some of us, over the fifty years of the Circle's life.  The experiences that have become part of us - individually and collectively, that we hold and share in the virtual environment of our hearts and minds, some of the fruits of our spirituality of interdependence with each other and with the Vine.

Today we're blessed with another virtual environment that we've adapted to maintain and extend our  Circle's wall of friendships.  While we're waiting for the Occidental to reopen we're getting together for pre-anything drinks – refreshments, if some of the ladies join us – at our virtual Local, The Catenian.

Come and join us, you'll find us any Friday afternoon between 5.30 and 6.30PM in the Zoom Bar.  Mine host Peter Gialouris will be on hand to admit you, just choose your poison then click on:


zoombar 600An update from the latest event at The Catenian Zoom Bar -

We had another enjoyable Happy Hour last night at our Zoom virtual Pub (The Catenian) with actual drinks.  The jokes were even better and we had a good chat sharing stories and experiences.  

 We had 5 Circle Brothers (Peter O'Reilly, Peter Tilbrook, Frank Filocamo, Brian Skinner and myself) and 2 visiting brothers Geoff Young (Prov 21 President and Hornsby Circle) and Peter Moriarty (President Parramatta Circle) at our Zoom Pub.

 We will have another Happy Hour this coming Friday at 5:30 pm.  Just use the same Zoom meeting link below.

 I look forward to catching up with you all again.  A couple of drinks with friends at The Catenian (Zoom Pub) before dinner.  Something to look forward to next week.  Everyone is welcome so pass the meeting link on to others who may want to join in and catch up – better than having a Friday drink alone.

 See you then.  Have a good weekend.

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A prayer by Marius

 Br. Marius Twomey, Chiswick, Osterley & District, Bandra Bros, joins many circles' Zoom meetings, offers this prayer 

black mary 400Holy Mother of Czestochowa, Thou art full of grace, goodness and mercy.

I consecrate to Thee all my thoughts, words and actions, my soul and body. 

Thy blessings and especially prayers for my salvation.

Today, I consecrate myself to Thee, Good Mother, totally with body and soul amid joy and sufferings to obtain for myself and others Thy blessings on this earth and eternal life in Heaven. 


The painting of Our Lady is the very heart of Jasna Gora (Hill of Light) Częstochowa [chen-sta-ho-va], drawing crowds of pilgrims to it. This Sanctuary was not built after a Marian apparition, as is usually the case for major holy sites. The painting itself is the mystery, the fulcrum and the atmosphere of the Jasna Gora Shrine.

It was painted on a wood panel measuring 1222 x 822 x 35mm (1). Mary's face dominates the painting and observers find themselves immersed in her eyes. Regardless of the angle they look at Mary, she looks back at them. The face of the Child is also turned towards the pilgrim, but his eyes are looking elsewhere. The two faces have a serious and thoughtful expression adding to the emotional tone of the painting. There are two parallel slashes and a third horizontal cut mark our Lady's right cheek. On Mary's neck there are six scratches, two more visible than others. Jesus, dressed in a scarlet tunic and supported by his Mother's left arm, has his right hand raised in a magisterial gesture, of sovereignty and benediction. His right hand holds the Bible. The right hand of the Virgin rests on her breast, as if she were indicating the Child (Hodigitria type icon). The Virgin's blue robe and mantle are decorated with lilies, symbol of royalty. A six-pointed star is featured on Mary's brow. Important features are the auras around Virgin and Child since their brightness contrasts with the dark facial tones. The background is dark green.

The painting is frequently called the "Black Madonna". It refers to skin tones of Mary and Jesus. The image was painted with colours diluted with fused wax, which were subject to natural darkening due to age. Additionally countless pots of incense and wax candles were burnt in the proximity of the picture, and it survived a fire in 1690, all of this contributed to it's darkening.

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Emergency "contact numbers" in the Bible!

In these COVID times, and in general anytime really, these emergency "contact numbers" in the Bible might provide some comfort:

When you worry …………. call Matthew 6:24-34.

When in sorrow ………….. call John 14.

When you are in danger …. call Psalm 91.

When you feel down ……… call Romans 8:31.

When you want peace ……. call Matthew 11:28-30.

When you feel lonely ……… call Psalm 23.

When people seem unkind .....call John 15: 12-27.

When your faith needs stirring..... call Hebrews 11.

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A CATSCAN of Mark Freeman

In a continuing series by Cairns Vice-President Simon Coolican, we get to know Cairns brother Mark Freeman

This month we are performing a CATSCAN on a much loved and admired Brother of our Cairns Circle - Mark Freeman. Mark is a civil engineer and works for a local firm, Ersconn Engineering, where he can be found designing roads and subdivisions. Mark is a single dad and lives with his daughter Georgia at Holloways Beach.

After settling in Cairns he had an epiphany in 1997, and decided to train as a chef after discovering how much he loved cooking. In his time as a chef, Mark worked at the Cairns Hilton and cooked for the world famous golfer, Tiger Woods, and Chinese President Xi Jinping when they each visited Cairns.

So what else can we discover about this young man! We put these questions to him:

1. If you could take over an organisation and run it yourself, which one would you choose? That would have to be the Qld Government. I'd get rid of its' bureaucracy and change the hierarchy to get capable decision makers in there.

2. If you could be reincarnated as another person after you die, who would you come back as? I'd come back as myself but with the knowledge of how to make plenty of money.

3. What super power of any super hero/villain would you love to have? I'd love to have Superman's ability to fly. I actually gave it a go when I was a kid after I first saw the movie. After jumping off the roof of my parent's house, I never gave it a second go!

4. What is your favourite junk food? Deep fried Dim Sims.

5. What really annoys you when other people do it, but you occasionally do it yourself? When people laugh contagiously and you can't stop.

6. What is the best comedy movie or series you have ever seen? True Lies - I love the scene when the battery camera for the terrorists starts to go flat. Zootopia is also good, especially the sloth scene.

7. If you could pick up any one musical instrument and instantly be a virtuoso at it, what instrument would you choose? The Piano and The Double Bass. I recently had a go at playing the double bass for the first time in front of a crowd at our local Jazz Club and loved it.

8. What would be the worst store for you to be given a gift voucher for? Pillow Talk. I'm not into decorator items.

9. What time on average do you usually awake and retire? I'm up at 6am and in bed by 8.30 or 9. No alarm required.

10. What animal are you most terrified of? The Huntsman Spider. Ever since one dropped on me I have never been the same.

11. What would be the absolute best pet to have? I'd love a Border Collie. I already have a cat.

12. Name every country you have ever visited? I've only been to Bali in Indonesia and Auckland in NZ.

13. What are you reading right now? Captain James Cook by Peter Fitzsimons.

14. If you were to cook your best meal, what would it be? Smoked Salmon in a mango chilli sauce with snow peas and blinis.

15. What is your favourite band? The Beatles.

16. What is the best way for you to relax? I love painting and playing my guitar.

17. What is the worst food in existence? Brussel Sprouts.

18. What did you do last weekend? Went to the Babinda Boulders for a swim on Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Atherton to visit the crystal caves.

19. What cheeses you off? Bureaucrats.

20. What is the worst thing about being a male? Nothing, but sometimes it can be lonely being a guy.

21. Netflix or Youtube? Youtube.

22. Phone call or Text? Phone Call.

23. Toast or cereal? Cereal (Sultana Bran).

24. High tech or Low tech? Low Tech.

25. Big party or small gathering? Big Party and I'd be the organiser.

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Hawaiian Turkey Kebabs…

A lean and healthy option that's perfect for when you fancy getting the grill out. Soaking in a pineapple juice marinade ensures delicious caramelised, tender turkey meat with pineapple chunks and red onion petals bringing some extra freshness. Serve with chopped parsley for another pop of colour.

432g tin pineapple slices in juice
2 tbsp olive oil  1/2 lime, juiced
1 tbsp honey
2 garlic cloves, crushed
600g diced turkey breast
2 red onions
Chopped parsley, to serve (optional)


  1. Drain the pineapple juice into a large bowl.
  2. Put the fruit in another bowl; cover and chill for later.
  3. Whisk the olive oil, lime juice, honey and garlic into the pineapple juice and season well.
  4. Mix in the diced turkey, then cover and chill for 1hr, or up to 24hrs.
  5. Soak 12 large, wooden bamboo skewers in cold water for 15 mins while the turkey marinates.
  6. Light the barbecue at least 40 mins before cooking. It's ready when the large flames have died down, and the coals are white and ashy.
  7. Alternatively, preheat the grill to medium-high.
  8. Cut the onions and pineapple into bite-sized pieces, breaking up any larger pieces of onion. Alternately thread the marinated turkey, onion and pineapple onto the soaked skewers, dividing equally. Discard any leftover marinade.
  9. Place the skewers on the barbecue or under the grill and cook for 10-15 mins, turning every few mins, until the turkey is golden and cooked through and the onion is tender.

Serve on a warm platter, garnished with chopped parsley, if you like.

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In this new section we offer an opportunity to express views, share opinons, have discussions about anything of interest to Catenians 

Dear Fellow Catenians,

Dear Fellow Catenians,

You will be aware that at the recent ANC Conference a motion was passed that approved the deletion of the word "practising" when describing a potential member as a Catholic, the motion was to the effect:

  • To amend the Associations Constitution to delete the word "practising" from practicing Catholic as described in the Handbook of procedure under the heading "Admission Requirements for Membership and Enrolment".

The reasons for this motion put to the Conference were as follows:

  • When describing a Catholic as "practising", personal judgements, standards and prejudices are necessarily involved.
    The Association's Handbook of Procedure (page 34) states that  "The Catholic Church does not have an agreed definition of practising Catholic".

         Individuals will believe that they have a clear understanding of the word practising. However, in discussion it has been found that there is a wide and diverse range of beliefs and attitudes in this area. Clearly human judgements are involved, some being more charitable than others. Above all else, Christians (Catholics included) are bound to follow the example and teachings of Christ, including the exercise of charity in the assessment and judgement of others.

        Hence the motion to delete the word practising when assessing a prospective member's suitability for membership.

        It was submitted that a statement by a prospective member that he is of the Catholic faith should be sufficient.

       Of course a prospective member still has to be proposed and seconded and Circle Members have the right to object to an application.

The motion was carried at the Conference with 72 attendees voting in favour. Since then a further 50 members who did not attend the Conference have voted in support of the motion, making a total so far of 122 votes in favour.

However, under the rules of the Association it is necessary for 200 members to vote in favour of a motion in order for the motion to be put to the entire Association for a final vote. Your help to get the additional 78 votes would be much appreciated.

If you were not at the Conference and you wish to add your support to the Motion you can advise myself (the proposer) and ANC Secretary John Secker by email to votes.practising@thecatenians.org.au as follows:

  1. Your Name
  2. The Catenian Circle or group in which you are enrolled; and the following words
  3. "I support the proposal that the Association's Constitution be amended by deleting the word "practising" from Article 2.2 (1) of the Constitution."

Many thanks, kindest regards and fraternally yours,

George Little
Peninsula and Waverley Circles

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News from around the circles ...


Brother Gazza and Cathy are on a fantastic holiday seeing the sights of our amazing state of North Queensland, they have visited numerous places including Airlie Beach, Gladstone etc, it is always so nice to see our Brothers and their loved one's having a nice holiday.




Our 400th Circle Dinner.

The disruptions to our normal calendar have been such that your Council has not yet considered how we will celebrate this milestone that is scheduled to take place in March 2022, the last Dinner meeting for the current Circle Council.
Our 300th meeting was a Ladies' night with a Guest Speaker on 21st August, 2012 when we had 8 founding Brothers in attendance.

Mark the date, 15th March 2022, as a commitment in your diary!

Harbourside North:

St Mary MacKillop Camino Walk, March 2022, Victoria and South Australia.
Bro Jim Phelan is organizing the walk, open to Catenian brothers and others, details to come.

Whats App
President Ed Van Riet has proposed the setting up of a HSN Circle Whats App group for communication between brothers.

Alpha course
Bro Len Lozina is unable to attend our meeting because he and Mary are  conducting an Alpha course. They have raised the question of whether members of the Circle may be interested in attending a future Alpha course.  For those not familiar with Alpha, Mary advises as follows:

"The Alpha series has been so successful worldwide that the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has now embraced it.  The videos have been given a Catholic flavour to them, although in general they are not videos focussing on catechesis.  The videos ask the bigger questions in life that we all ask eg Why is there suffering?  What is faith?  Who is Jesus?

They are aimed to raise curiosity and with the help of a healthy discussion group afterwards, the sessions take on a real sense of community.  Leonard and I are really enjoying the series.  My aim is to keep a zoom presence going for people who cannot make physical meetings but eventually I would love to have coffee mornings and Alpha evenings.  

I've attached a link to the first video for you to watch.  ………...  



Br Martin Stebbings recently received this link from Clive Stevens, the President of Reigate Circle. It combines a daily gospel reading with a piece of Christian art, along with an expert reflection on that piece of art and its relevance to the gospel passage. Check out the link below and it could become a daily habit!

Golfing exploits!
golf400Who is the unfortunate Brother trying to salvage his golf kit? Note the offending remote control still in back pocket! For those who golf, we are privileged that golf in Ku-ring-gai LGA is still classed as an acceptable form of exercise, which is helping to keep us sane during this lockdown. Although sometimes that feeling of privilege can be tested!

A Ku-ring-gai Brother, who shall remain nameless, but who plays at Pymble Golf Club (PGC), parked his remote-controlled golf buggy at the back of the 10th green while he went to putt out, with the remote control tucked into his back pocket. When he returned to put his putter back in the bag the buggy was nowhere to be seen.

There were two catastrophic alternatives, both severely downhill from where it was parked – the pond on the 11th hole or two fairways across, the pond in front of the 15th tee. The latter proved to be the resting place. Must have been a "pocket dial" when squatting to line up the putt! Buggy is kaput, but most other gear salvaged and in working order after some washing and drying out!

On a brighter note, the 16th hole at PGC is quite rightly rated the toughest hole on the course. So, a par feels like a notable accomplishment and a birdie a rare event to be celebrated. Two Ku-ring-gai Catenians, who share the same initials, both birdied the 16th on the same day recently. This went some way to cheering one of them up, who was still recovering from a buggy mishap a few days earlier!

August Circle Meeting
33 Ku-ring-gai Brothers and one visiting gentlemen, Jerome McTeigue, attended the Circle meeting via Zoom, held on Monday, August 9th. This represented an over 70% attendance from our current membership, which was an excellent result, hopefully not entirely because Brothers are stuck at home with little else to do!

A highlight of the meeting was the enrolment of our newest Brother, Tony Luciano, who was warmly welcomed into the Circle by all in attendance. After this enrolment ceremony, Br President, Stefan Wawryzniak opened the meeting. Prayers were said for all sick Brothers and family members. We also continued remembrance for Steve Swain who passed away in June and for Chris Drinkwater, a former Circle member, who recently passed.

Apart from the normal Council Officer reports, in other matters raised, Br Tony Lee offered a timely reminder for us not to forget our parish priests at this time. With the churches closed, they are in danger of becoming isolated and are not in receipt of the normal first collection income. For his parish of Corpus Christi, St Ives, Tony offered to provide a contactless means of getting cash donations to the Carmelites at St Ives. Other Brothers advised that electronic funds transfer options were also available.

Zoom best practice
Our youngest Brother, professional film maker, Luke Samson also offered some practical advice on how best to set yourself up for virtual meetings. Some of Luke's tips were:

Place a light in front to best illuminate the face

Use a quiet environment to mitigate background noise (if not possible, use headphones)

Centre yourself on screen to ensure good "framing" of the face

Especially in forums with a large number, stay on mute until you wish to speak

Another suggestion was that we again make use of the "breakout room" function which serves to take the place of pre-dinner drinks. This suggestion will be taken up as it looks like we will be meeting virtually for a while yet!

The Hills:

Post Meeting Discussion
Zoom was kept open for general discussion following the meeting, UK brothers gave positive comment on the ANC Conference & pointed out Melissa McCarney's presentation facts , supported by the support for the motions.

David Brayford spoke of their Zoom experience & by having speakers', opportunity to invite guests all within a social environment.

Campion Fernando, highlighted that there are plenty of other organisations catering for both genders , but a true void exist of men's groups ,especially 40 -60 age bracket.

Also stressed need for men's discussion groups to be developed.

Victor Gauci, pointed out Melissa's presentation , was like "borrowing your watch to tell the time"


Manly's walkers continue every Tuesday and Thursday, albeit just like Noah, 2 by 2. 

Trivia is now held on Zoom every fortnight with intense competition at both ends of the skill level.

From the wilds of Qld! David Addington 

David Addington and photographer wife Mary-Anne, continue their R&R on Magnetic Island in Qld. Recently, he came across a snake out for a stroll. The snake came across a frog and decided to have lunch! 

 snake 1 900

It took the snake about an hour to digest the snake! You just can’t rush a good lunch! 

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Prayers for ...


Please Lord Bless all our City of Cairns Circle Brothers and their loved ones, especially Brother Lui and Pam's little grandson Odin.
Brother Tony McInnes Mum Marie Jose who is very unwell at the moment. Brother Angelo's father Giuseppe who is unwell at the moment. Brother Mark Cavicchiolo's mum RIP who recently passed away. Brother Stephen Devenish's family after Stephen losing his mum Carmel RIP. Fr Neil and his family after losing his mum Elizabeth RIP. Brother Mark Freeman's mum Judy RIP who recently passed away. Brother Joe's Great-Nephew Carter RIP Who recently passed away. Brother Joe's Brother Charlie RIP Who recently passed away. Brother Lui's Auntie who has just moved into a care home. Brother Bill Dixon's mum Pauline RIP Who has just recently passed away. Brother Peter Duggan's wife Alma, who is unwell. Brother Lui's sister Frances who is unwell at the moment. Brother Alan's niece Anne and sister Carmel who are both unwell. Brother Tony's sister-in-law Marylyn who is unwell. Our Amazing President Brother Joe
Who is in need of our prayers. Brother Kevin's Brother who is unwell. Brother Tony's wife Majella whose best friend passed away recently. Brother Matthew's father who has been unwell recently. Brother Gazz's father who is unwell. Brother Dean's Brother Graham who is unwell Brother Marcin who still needs our prayer as he is still unwell. Brother Deacon Rev Tony and family who has recently lost his father Joseph RIP please pray for all the families who are in need of our prayers.

Harbourside North:

Bro John Punch has had a knee replacement operation at Mater Hospital.


Brothers and their wives were saddened by the passing of Anne, the wife of Bro Alan Cuthbert, whose eulogy at her streamed Requiem was a glowing tribute to Anne.
Please pray for Anne, Alan and family at this time.

Access to Aged Care facilities even for families is more restricted, if not banned, during our COVID lockdown, so please remember Bro Don Mees, Bro Stan and Jan Burgin in your prayers at this time.

Bro Michael Rochford has had recent surgery to remove a substantial skin cancer from his cheek, so prayers for his rapid recovery would be appreciated. With his background and experience, no doubt he chosen a very competent surgeon and is receiving the best possible care.


Our members, family and friends who are sick and in need of our prayers
Brothers Greg Scahill, John Szymanski and Phil Davies.
Family members Marie Gibbons, Barbara Burke, David Gardener, Sam Gardener, Gayle and Suzie Meagher, Rebecca Davies, Madeleine Szymanski and daughter Kate McRea, Monica Moldrich and Margaret Marshall.

The Hills:

For the sick, -- Br Milan & Mary Bohman, John Davis, all effected by the pandemic especially in India


We remember in our prayers all Manly Brothers who have been unwell or who have been having medical procedures.

As Brothers will be aware, Jim Rush had an operation on 15 July at St Vincent's Hospital to repair a leaking heart valve (an earlier operation was unsuccessful). The operation was a success and Jim's recovery is under way. He is home again. No doubt Jim would be pleased to hear from his Manly Brothers. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim and Liz.

Brendan O'Connell has recently been hospital but is home again and enjoying sitting in the sun!
Brendan was able to join us at our last Zoom meeting on Wednesday night.
We keep Brendan in our prayers!

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Brother Patrick Quinn

pat 400Brothers of Pittwater Circle, were saddened to hear of the passing of their longtime colleague, Patrick Quinn on August 6th 2021.  

Patrick was born in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland on 4th of February 1934. His first job after leaving school was to work for the Post Office where he worked his way up from a clerk to become a computer programmer. In August 1958 Pat married the love of his life, Elizabeth (Betty) Sheridan at the Cathedral of St Patrick and St Colman in Newry They had five children two boys and three girls all of whom have successful careers. In 1960 he left and immigrated to America. He worked in New York for a year but found that life there did not suit. He and the family returned to the UK where they settled in Leamington Spa. He obtained a position in the computer division of Kalamazoo Business Systems.

In 1973 an opportunity became available to move to Sydney and join the start-up team for the Computer Division of Kalamazoo Business Systems in Australia. Pat was accepted and moved there 6 months before he was joined by his wife, Betty and the children.

Shortly after he arrived, he unintentionally broke his pledge never to drink, when he was handed a white wine and lemonade (spritzer) on a very hot day. 

In May 1988 He joined a group of Catholic men from his Parish in inaugurating the Pittwater Circle of the Catenian Association. He went on to become the Circle President in 1994/5 and has remained a Brother of this Circle until he passed away.

One day when driving to work he got the shock of his life when the ABC Newsreader read out that his brother had been killed in an IRA bomb blast in Northern Ireland.

After retiring from Kalamazoo, Pat volunteered for the St Vincent de Paul Society and like most things that Pat took on he rose through the ranks to become the Society's Accountant for the state of New South Wales.

The celebrations that the Quinn Family put on over the years are legendary and will long be remembered by his friends and family however there was one occasion which did not go so well. At a Pittwater Circle meeting Pat was to give an account of a trip a number of Vincentian Brothers made to the poorer parts of India. Pat went into too much detail and took far too long in presenting. A number of the brothers fell sleep. He was teased about this in the following years but took it all in good faith.

On his memorial card is a very appropriate quote: - "Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am, I and you are you. Whatever we are to each other, that we are still" - Canon Henry Scott Holland

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Rest in peace

Bro Albert Pinelli RIP                         
Brother Albert passed away peacefully on 26 August and his Funeral Mass was held on Friday 3 September at Sacred Heart Mosman.  It was a beautiful send off for a much loved member of our Catenian community, and of the broader Mosman community. 

For those of you who have not seen the live stream, it and a copy of the Order of Service, are available via the link:

Rest in Peace dear friend.

RIP Rob Butler
It is with much saddest that I advise the passing of Rob Butler (The Hills and Peninsula Circles).

 Bro. Rob was the seconder of the motion considered at this years conference to remove practising and add lay women to membership criteria. Prior to retiring to Victoria Bro. Rob was a most active Catenian in Province 21 and a strong supporter of its Provincial Council.

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A bit of fun


A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor's office and said that her body hurt wherever she touched it. 
"Impossible!" says the doctor. "Show me.  
The  redhead took her finger, pushed on her left shoulder and screamed, she pushed her elbow and screamed even more.  She pushed her knee and screamed; likewise she pushed her ankle and screamed. Everywhere she touched made her scream.  
The doctor said, "You're not really a redhead, are you?" "Well, no," she said, "I'm actually a blonde."
"I thought so," the doctor said, "Your finger is broken."

"My husband purchased a map of the world and gave me a dart." He said: "Wherever this dart lands, I'll take you there for a fortnight when Lockdown ends.

It turns out we will be spending two weeks behind the fridge"!

My husband and I went grocery shopping with our masks on. Got home, took off masks – brought home the wrong husband!

Stay alert people!!

So …. You've been eating hot dogs and McChickens all your life, but don't want the COVID vaccine because you don't know what's in it?
You've only got this once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at home, lying in front of the TV to save the world. Don't muck this up!

COVID precautions
I went to the bathroom at a restaurant.
I washed my hands.
Opened the door with my elbow.
Raised the toilet seat with my foot.
I turned on the tap with a tissue.
Opened the bathroom door to leave with my elbow.
And when I returned to my table, I realised … I forgot to pull up my pants!!!

Ya gotta laugh!

Two Jewish guys are walking when one notices a sign on a Catholic church that says "Convert to Christianity, and we'll give you $100." The one says to the other, "should we do it?" The other says "NO!! Are you crazy?" The first guy replies "Hey, a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars... I'm gonna do it." So he walks in to the church, and little while later, he walks back out.

The friend says "well, did you get the money?"

He replies "Oh that's all you people think about, isn't it?"

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